Teleconsultation at Sana Oris dental clinic

Teleconsultation is a dematerialized exchange with a doctor. Advances in technology now allow us to communicate without having to travel: some consultations can therefore be done remotely using a camera.

Why do a teleconsultation?

The journey to a health care practitioner can prevent a consultation. The time and duration of the consultation is not always compatible with the working hours. To allow you to take care of your teeth while optimizing your travel, we offer teleconsultation.

Who is teleconsultation for?

Teleconsultation is for anyone who wishes to make an appointment with one of our practitioners without having to travel to our clinic.

This option is particularly interesting for patients from the provinces or abroad who are confronted with potentially complex care and wish to benefit from expert medical advice without having to travel.

The skills developed by Clinique Dentaire Sana Oris are rare, but teleconsultation now makes it possible to offer them to as many people as possible.

How a teleconsultation works

During the teleconsultation, the practitioner will examine the condition of your teeth and gums using your camera. If you have a panoramic X-ray, you can send it to him before the appointment, either by mail or in the form of a digital file (for example, in your secure Doctolib patient area). He will establish a first treatment plan and a provisional estimate that he can slightly modify during your visit to our clinic, but this teleconsultation will already allow you to have a fairly precise overall answer.

After a teleconsultation

If you wish to continue your treatment plan with the practitioner you met during your teleconsultation, Clinique Dentaire Sana Oris will help you organize your visit in Paris.

The price of a teleconsultation

The price of a teleconsultation is 23 €, not covered by Social Security.