Our two Sana Oris Dental Clinics welcome you for comprehensive, multidisciplinary, personalised and transparent care in a single location.

All our procedures are carried out by practitioners who are experts in their field, with complementary skills, to provide comprehensive, attentive and caring care.

Our approach is based on three fundamental concepts for a “healthy mouth”: prevention, cure and smile.

We attach great importance to the interactivity of the different disciplines and the collegiality between our practitioners. It is through exchanges between the different practitioners, each with their own specialised vision, that you can achieve comprehensive care and a healthy, harmonious smile that lasts.

Contact details for the clinic
Clinique Sana Oris Paris 08 Clinique Sana Oris Paris 04

The Clinique Dentaire Sana Oris Paris 08 is located a stone’s throw from the Champs Elysées, in an easily accessible location at 53 Av. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Paris, France

You can make an appointment with our secretariat on 01 82 73 14 00 or directly online

The Clinique Dentaire Sana Oris Paris 04 in the Marais district is located at 13 Rue Jean Beausire, 75004 Paris, France

You can make an appointment with our secretariat on 01 80 27 44 00 or directly online

A clinic at the cutting edge of technology

Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. We have 2 operating theatres, as well as an orthodontics area equipped with an Itero optical scanner for high-precision Invisalign cases, and a radiology department equipped with cone-beam and teleradiography equipment for X-rays at all angles.

We also have an optical microscope and a LASER for pain-free treatment of periodontal disease using a medical, non-surgical periodontics protocol.

The combination of these different technologies enables us to offer a comprehensive and reliable treatment service.

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Rates and reimbursement

Cliniques Sana Oris are approved establishments offering medical and cosmetic dental procedures. Each procedure and each operation is subject to a specific price, for which an estimate is drawn up.

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