Dental whitening

The quality of your smile is an important factor in both your professional and personal life. Certain eating habits and daily practices can alter the whiteness of teeth and the radiance of enamel. Our teeth whitening techniques enable you to restore the radiance of your smile in complete safety, with a natural finish.

Why have teeth whitening ?

Tooth enamel is a material that becomes brittle and porous with age, allowing food colourings to become embedded in it. This is the main cause of yellowing of the teeth.
This phenomenon is due to various factors, such as the accumulation of dental plaque and the consumption of colour-producing products:

  • tobacco ;
  • tea;
  • coffee;
  • soft drinks ;
  • wine.

Other factors can also yellow teeth and create dental discolouration, such as genetics. Each individual has a more or less yellow enamel, and no dental bleaching solution can promise to go below the original shade.

In recent years, a number of over-the-counter tooth whitening solutions have appeared on the market. Their effectiveness and safety are often questionable, leading to disappointment.

At Clinique Dentaire Sana Oris, our dentists are legally authorised to use a product that is not available over the counter. This treatment is both effective and safe, thanks to the medical knowledge of our dentists. We can offer you a tooth whitening treatment tailored to meet your objectives.

How does tooth whitening work ?

At our clinic, the whitening procedure is reliable and of the highest quality.
Before proceeding with the whitening itself, your dental surgeon removes the plaque from the teeth. In some cases of mild dyschromia, this operation may be enough to remove stains from the teeth, while also allowing the light to reflect more evenly.

More thorough bleaching involves the use of a technique chosen by the surgeon from among the following:

  • The whitening lamp: after applying the whitening gel, a cold blue light is projected onto the teeth. This activates the peroxide contained in the gel to optimise its whitening action.
  • Home bleaching: this technique allows you to whiten your teeth at home, using specially designed trays tailored to each patient’s dentition. They are accompanied by a whitening gel and must be recommended by a dental surgeon to be effective, without endangering your health or causing you to incur unnecessary costs.

Our team is committed to providing patients with fast, efficient and safe treatment. Our prosthesis laboratory’s fast turnaround times mean that dentists can request custom-made trays within a day.

The quality of the home bleaching you receive is incomparable to any commercially available solution. Safety and efficiency guide our actions to give you a brighter smile.

Precautions to take after tooth whitening

A number of precautions must be taken after the procedure.
It is important to adopt good dental hygiene and not to consume anything other than water in the hour following bleaching.

In the 48 hours following chairside bleaching, the following foods should be avoided:

  • coloured fruit (particularly red fruit) ;
  • red wine
  • brightly coloured vegetables
  • tea
  • coffee
  • soft drinks ;
  • ice-cold foods ;
  • sweets.

To avoid the fixation of coloured pigments, the following practices should also be avoided for 48 hours:

  • wearing lipstick
  • smoking
  • chewing gum;
  • using coloured mouthwashes;
  • taking colouring drugs.

In the long term, avoiding habits that turn teeth yellow (such as smoking) and adopting good brushing habits and dental check-ups help to slow down the process of discolouration.

Results before and after dental whitening

The results of tooth whitening can be seen immediately after the procedure. They only become permanent after a certain period of time, which varies according to the technique used, the intensity of the yellowing and your habits.

To maintain the benefits of tooth whitening, we recommend a careful brushing technique and limited exposure to the factors that cause teeth to yellow.

One of the special features of our clinic is that we offer a personalised prevention and hygiene programme, based on your diagnosis, treatment and individual characteristics. Regular check-ups with your dentist will help prolong the results of the treatment.

Photo avant le blanchiment dentaire | Sana Oris | Paris Photo apres le blanchiment dentaire | Sana Oris | Paris

Before and after results of chairside tooth whitening

The cost of tooth whitening

The cost of tooth whitening depends on the technique used.

Our clinic uses proven and safe techniques to provide optimal results for our patients.

We recommend that you schedule an initial consultation with our team to discuss your teeth whitening options. Following this consultation, your dentist will provide you with a bespoke quote based on your situation.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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