International patients | Orthodontic surgery | Sana Oris Dental Clinic Paris

International Patient Pathways

For international patients, we offer special arrangements to better accompany them to us and allow them to benefit from our exceptional dental care. Our patients, whoever they may be, are always assured of being listened to and followed according to their expectations.

Your stay at Sana Oris dental clinic

For our international patients, we offer treatment plans that make it possible to perform complex treatments in one day, thanks in particular to our all-in-one implant technology and our prosthesis laboratory, which makes it possible to produce crowns and inlays the same day as the impressions are taken.

Personalized support

Our team of practitioners adapts its expertise to each situation. All situations are studied in detail to ensure that each patient receives the best possible care. The complementary skills of our different practitioners ensure that you will find a solution adapted to your needs.

Assistance for your arrival and your administrative procedures

Our team offers solutions to optimize your stay in Paris. We assist you with the administrative procedures (train, cab, hotel) to allow you to be taken care of serenely. Our team is made up of practitioners who are exclusive in their field of expertise: periodontics, general dentistry, implantology and orthodontics.
The practitioner/assistant pairing allows each one to be accompanied in the best way possible, and our secretariat is in charge of putting you in contact with the practitioners.

Our team speaks several languages, including English, Spanish and Arabic.


We offer teleconsultations to treat patients coming from far away (abroad or province) and to offer them a professional opinion as well as a treatment plan before coming to our establishment in Paris.
During the teleconsultation, the practitioner will examine the condition of your teeth and gums through your camera. If you have a panoramic X-ray, you can send it to him before the appointment. He will establish a first treatment plan and a provisional estimate that he can refine during your visit to our clinic.
If you wish to pursue your treatment plan with the practitioner you met during your teleconsultation, we will assist you in organizing your trip to Paris (train, cab and if relevant hotel).

Our practitioners offer unique treatment plans that allow complex treatments to be performed in one day:

  • All-in-one day” implants that can be placed in one day;
  • On-site prosthetic laboratory allowing crowns and inlays to be made in 2 hours.

We therefore optimize the time of your visit to Paris, so that you can benefit from both excellent care and your stay in the capital.