Periodontal check-up

The periodontal check-up plays a central role, and is the cornerstone of our periodontal approach. It enables us to prevent and identify periodontal disease, with a view to curing it.

Why have a periodontal check-up ?

The periodontal check-up enables us to identify whether the gums are infected during the consultation, thanks to a microscopic examination of a sample of dental plaque, which enables us to diagnose periodontal disease.

Curing periodontal disease is a prerequisite for many treatments, including implantology, orthodontics and the fitting of dental prostheses, which must be carried out on healthy periodontium.

If a pathology is diagnosed, the practitioner will draw up a targeted, personalised treatment plan.

The periodontal check-up therefore serves to identify the health of the periodontium as a whole, so that the appropriate treatment can be proposed if necessary.

How a periodontal check-up works ?

The periodontal check-up takes place in several stages:

  • Interview with the patient: this enables the patient’s history, risk factors and fears to be identified;
  • Optical microscope examination of dental plaque: this immediately identifies any pathogenic bacteria. This examination is carried out by the practitioner during the consultation and the results are immediate.
  • A tailor-made report and estimate is provided: this informs the patient about the nature of the treatment to be followed if necessary.

The equipment used for the periodontal assessment

We use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that our patients receive a complete, accurate and painless examination. In particular, we use microscopes to identify pathogenic bacteria and, if necessary, optical glasses to improve visibility during the consultation.

Is a periodontal check-up painful ?

Our procedures are carried out with a view to maximising patient comfort.

The expertise of our exclusive periodontics practitioners means that a periodontal check-up is perfectly painless. It simply involves removing plaque from the teeth, and requires no anaesthetic.

Results of the periodontal check-up

At the end of the periodontal check-up, the practitioner will be able to identify the state of the periodontium, the presence of germs and any diseases such as gingivitis or periodontitis. Patients can follow the examination if they wish, thanks to a screen that projects the microscope image.

The expertise of the Clinique Sana Oris team means you can maintain your dental capital over the long term, thanks to personalised care, top-of-the-range equipment and medical skills.

The cost of a periodontal check-up

The periodontal check-up costs €120 and includes bacterial sampling and analysis under an optical microscope. An additional radiographic check-up, reimbursed at no extra charge, can be carried out on site.