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Oral dermatology

In addition to dental pathologies, one of the roles of the oral surgeon is to ensure the good health of the oral cavity, by detecting and treating any affection of the mucous membranes at this level.
Various pathologies can affect the oral mucosa and require specific treatment. Today, these pathologies are increasingly frequent reasons for consultation.

At Clinique Dentaire Sana Oris, our oral surgeon specialising in pathology of the oral mucosa will be with you every step of the way.
This is where our vision of our profession comes into its own: Sana Oris or healthy mouth, we don’t just look after your teeth, we look after your whole mouth.


What is oral dermatology ?

Oral dermatology covers all diseases affecting the mucous membranes of the mouth, i.e. those lining theinside of the oral cavity: the palate, the inside of the cheeks and the tongue.

Constantly in contact with viruses, bacteria and fungi, the oral cavity is exposed to a significant number of infections.

The appearance of a lesion in the oral mucosa is not necessarily a sign of malignancy, but certain symptoms should prompt a consultation with an oral surgeon.

What dermatological conditions can affect the mouth ?

Lesions of the oral mucosa can cause functional or aesthetic discomfort for patients. Unfortunately, many of them are still under-diagnosed and risk becoming complicated.


Mouth ulcers are extremely common. This ulceration of the oral mucosa is generally round, well-defined and yellow in colour. It can be very painful. Often triggered by intense stress, exhaustion or contact with certain foods, a simple canker sore usually disappears after ten days. Your oral surgeon can prescribe a treatment to relieve the pain.

A simple canker sore should be distinguished from a giant canker sore or an aphthoid ulceration (often secondary to medication or a systemic disease).

Ulcerations of the oral cavity can also follow a bacterial infection such as ulcerative gingivitis.

Viral infections are also frequently found: herpes infection or shingles. Some ulcers can also be a warning sign of cancer. Biopsies can also be taken at the clinic.

White lesions

White lesions include candidiasis (or thrush). The tongue, palate and cheeks are covered with a whitish coating, a pathology secondary to a fungal infection. In the case of chronic candidiasis, the lesions, which tend to form plaques, can develop into cancer, hence the importance of early detection.

Pigmented lesions

Pigmented lesions in the oral mucosa should raise the alarm about the risk of malignant melanoma and require a biopsy.

Erythematous lesions

Erythematous lesions are sometimes difficult to recognise because their colour is similar to that of the oral mucosa. They are often caused by gingivitis. At Clinique Dentaire Sana Oris, dental surgeons who are experts in periodontics are on hand to detect and treat periodontal disease in order to prevent complications, working in close collaboration with the oral surgery speciality.


Growths can form on the lips, floor of the mouth or soft palate. They may be cancerous or non-cancerous(oral fibroma, commonwart, etc). The most common type of cyst is the sub-retentive mucous cyst (mucocele). Although some cysts disappear spontaneously, surgery may be required.

Diagnosis of lesions of the oral mucosa

Regular preventive appointments with your dental surgeon ensure the good health of your entire oral cavity. In some cases, it will be possible to detect precancerous lesions, enabling them to be treated quickly.

Smokers in particular are advised to consult their dentist regularly and to pay close attention to symptoms such as difficulty swallowing or unusual oral pain.

Clinical examination is essential for diagnosis. Sometimes, additional tests such as a biopsy are essential. In all cases, the first step is to seek medical advice.

How are lesions of the oral mucosa treated at Clinique Dentaire Sana Oris ? 

Oral dermatology is at the crossroads of several specialities, all grouped together in the same place.

Depending on the diagnosis, the treatment varies: antibiotic, surgical or simply pain-relieving.

As with any therapeutic approach, we use the latest technology and a team of practitioners who are experts in their field. We also offer psychological support for patients who so wish.

Oral dermatology: how much does it cost ?

You will be given a personalised estimate at the end of your initial appointment. Fees depend on the diagnosis, any additional tests required and the treatment indicated.

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