Dental Veneers

In both professional and personal life, an unsightly, yellowish smile can be a real handicap. At Clinique Dentaire Sana Oris, we offer you a quick and effective solution to enhance your smile: dental veneers, which are thin white strips applied to the visible surface of the tooth.

Who can benefit from dental veneers ?

Thanks to veneers, it is possible to intervene quickly and effectively on :

  • the shape and size of teeth ;
  • Shade, to make it more uniform;
  • the alignment of teeth in the case of moderate defects;
  • the gap between two teeth;
  • teeth weakened by wear.

Canines, premolars and incisors are all eligible for veneers.

to restore the original whiteness of your smile.

We place the patient at the heart of the treatment process, whether in aesthetic dentistry or periodontics. We are attentive to your expectations, so that we can offer you the best solution and, if necessary, explain its limitations. A beautiful smile is one that best expresses your identity and faithfully reflects your personality.

How are the veneers fitted ?

Before veneers are fitted, you need to make sure that you are not suffering from any oral disease. This requires an oral examination and a periodontal check-up.

These preliminary oral analyses enable us to identify your history and habits and diagnose any periodontal pathology before veneers are fitted.

If there are no abnormalities, veneers are fitted in successive stages:

  • Initial consultation: the dental surgeon carefully examines the oral cavity and takes a panoramic X-ray. The shade of the dental veneer is chosen using a shade guide.
  • Second session: situational dental impressions are made either traditionally (moulding) or digitally. These impressions will enable our dental technician to create a mock-up of the desired result, which you will validate with your practitioner.
  • Third session: your dental surgeon shapes the teeth by removing a thin layer of enamel. This precision work is carried out using high-performance burs. A new impression of the prepared teeth is made to fit temporary dental veneers.
  • Final session: once the permanent veneers have been made, the dental surgeon polymerises them and glues them one by one onto the teeth. This painstaking work is carried out under local anaesthetic and can last several hours, depending on the number of veneers to be fitted.

The expertise of our dental surgeons, who specialise in orthodontics and exclusive periodontics, ensures that you receive complete care. The overall aesthetics of your smile are improved in complete safety as part of a serious periodontal and general practice approach. We always give priority to quality of care and patient comfort, and try to reduce the number of sessions required.

Lifespan of a dental veneer

Thanks to our choice of quality materials for our dental veneers, we can guarantee them for 2 years. Provided you keep up with regular dental check-ups and don’t neglect brushing your teeth and annual preventive consultations, the average lifespan of dental veneers is between 10 and 15 years, or even longer if you take good care of them.

Follow-up to dental veneers

To ensure that the results of dental veneers last, you need to establish an effective, regular brushing routine. Don’t hesitate to schedule your next annual dental check-up with your dentist as soon as the veneers have been fitted.

Side effects are rare and temporary. They include

  • temporary irritation of the gums
  • increased sensitivity to temperature differences.

Don’t hesitate to contact our secretariat to make an appointment if you have any doubts after veneers have been fitted.

Results of dental veneers on your smile

The results of dental veneers are immediate.

The whole structure of the teeth appears healthier: the shape, angle, colour, brittleness of the enamel and spacing of the teeth are immediately corrected and in harmony with your smile.
This technique of cosmetic dentistry is satisfying and offers long-term results, all the more so if the annual preventive consultation is well attended.

We welcome all requests for information and will be happy to arrange an appointment to restore your smile.

The price of dental veneers

After an initial consultation, your dentist will give you a tailor-made quote detailing the cost of the treatment.

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