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Throughout life, oral diseases cause pain, discomfort and lesions. There are various types of pathologies: each one requires an adapted treatment.

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Our healthcare professionals specialising in oral health problems provide patients with the care they need to prevent and cure a wide range of conditions.

Dental abscesses

A dental abscess is an accumulation of pus in the gums or teeth. It can be treated quickly and effectively.


Gingivitis is a periodontal disease characterised by swelling and bleeding of the gums. It often goes unnoticed, but can lead to other more serious conditions and tooth loss.

Tooth rage

Dental pulpitis corresponds to what is frequently called “toothache”: it is an inflammation most often resulting from untreated tooth decay, but also from other oral diseases. It is very painful and requires diagnosis by a dental surgeon.

Bad breath or halitosis

Halitosis is persistent bad breath. It is not always due to poor dental hygiene: often it is a gum infection (gingivitis or periodontitis) that is the cause. Different treatments can then be considered.


Periodontitis is a chronic inflammatory condition that progressively destroys the supporting apparatus of the teeth, leading to loosening and loss of teeth.

Bleeding gums

Gum bleeding can be a one-off event, the result of over- vigorous brushing, or a sign of periodontal disease. Regular bleeding from the gums is a reason to consult a dental surgeon, as it is a symptom of gum inflammation that can have serious consequences.

Sensitive teeth

Sensitive teeth or tooth sensitivity occurs when certain external factors (heat, cold) trigger a short, sharp pain in the tooth. Loss of enamel over the years or a specific pathology can explain tooth sensitivity.

Yellow teeth

The yellowing of teeth has both extrinsic and intrinsic causes. They may be associated with a feeling of carelessness and poor dental hygiene, but there are various procedures that can be used to restore white teeth.

Broken tooth

After an impact, a tooth can break or crumble. Even when the after-effects are minor, the uniformity and radiance of the smile are altered. To restore an even smile, find out about the cosmetic dentistry solutions available to you.


Edentulism is the absence of one or more teeth. In children, this phenomenon is associated with the appearance of permanent teeth. In adults, on the other hand, edentulism suggests a pathology and can lead to complexes and eating difficulties.

Dental alignment

Some teeth are misaligned. Although it is mainly perceived as unsightly, misaligned teeth can also cause health problems.

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Our prices are fair in relation to the quality we offer. Each first consultation (23€ reimbursed by the SS) is the subject of an estimate in which the amount of care will be detailed

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