The technical platform at Sana Oris dental clinic

Our technical platform offers the latest generation of medical-dental equipment, in order to provide complete patient care in accordance with the latest scientific advances. This state-of-the-art equipment is used for diagnostic and treatment purposes, for a tailor-made care.


X-ray examination allows the dental surgeon to explore and detect oral anomalies and problems, sometimes still invisible to the naked eye.
We are equipped with the latest generation of digital X-ray equipment, which allows for very high quality dental imaging. This ensures an earlier and more accurate diagnosis, whether for dental care, periodontal care or before implant treatment.


Cone-beam is a new radiographic technique that is mainly used to study the sinuses, the maxillofacial bone structure and the dentition. This examination is part of the diagnostic arsenal of our ENT surgeons, stomatologists, maxillofacial surgeons and dental surgeons. The excellent resolution of the images obtained by Cone-beam offers the possibility of a 3D modeling of the dental arch, which ensures a very precise treatment to perfectly adapt the care to the morphology of each person.

CEREC technology

CEREC (Chairside-Economical-Restoration-Esthetic-Ceramic) technology is an innovative technique based on the creation of a prosthesis from a prepared tooth, using a 3D camera and the latest digital modeling technologies.
From the images processed by a powerful software, it is possible to create a virtual model that serves as the basis for the restoration. This fully digitized process guarantees extreme precision.
This innovative technology is most often applied to crowns and direct inlays, offering the advantage of fabricating a restoration in a single visit.
This is a real time and comfort saver for the patient.

Optical microscope for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes

The high-definition optical microscope is a state-of-the-art technological device that is used daily at Clinique Dentaire Sana Oris.
The phase contrast microscope allows, during a periodontal assessment, to immediately explore the oral flora. It is a valuable tool to explore a periodontal disease or to explain bad breath, even with mild clinical signs.
The operating microscope allows for extreme precision in endodontic care inside the tooth, in order to accurately assess the condition of the pulp and root canal. Our team includes an exclusive endodontic dentist, which allows us to handle the most complex cases, especially for certain root canals.

The 3D digital scanner

The fitting of dental prostheses or the quality of orthodontic care often requires the taking of a dental impression: the quality of the prosthesis will depend directly on the quality of this dental impression.
To gain in precision while offering more comfort to the patient, we offer digital impressions. Optical impressions from Itero or Omnicam allow for an exact 3D modeling of your dental arch. This digital image will allow our in-house prosthetist to offer you high quality prostheses, or our orthodontist to optimize the treatment plan with custom-made Invisalign aligners.

This is the philosophy of our clinic, which uses the latest scientific and technological advances to provide you with reliable and precise care. Our large technical platform guarantees comprehensive and exhaustive care at all stages of dental care.

Endodontic microscope

This equipment allows the endodontist to take complete charge of the patient, in order to establish the right diagnosis and the best treatment respecting the benefit/risk ratio